Listening In has always been a catch phrase if you will with me. I started it way back about 15 or so years ago when I started my first web site dealing with scanners and frequencies for the local and surrounding area. It was my header phrase for all of my articles I use to write for the club newsletter, and it remains with me today.
      Over the years I have had two main web sites for listening in, the one as mentioned quite a few years ago, and then more recently we had one up for several months. Had it not been for an accident of the folder getting mostly erased it would still have been up, but has you know things can happen and unfortunately I did not have a back up copy anywhere.  I know what all of you are thinking about now, “you should always make a back up copy” and all of you are absolutely right. I have said that to many people I have talked to from time to time, I guess it was just one of those things that got slipped under the cracks.
      Anyway that brings us to where we are at now and this new web site. As mentioned on the home page we decided now would be a good time to build a more personal web site dealing with Amateur Radio and include listening in to the whole mix of things. As before we will be listing frequencies dealing with a more localize setting. I can not guarantee that all of the frequencies listed will still be active frequencies, there are just something I really never bothered to checked out for myself. And of course most everything now days is floating away from the analog side of things to completely digital. Fortunately in our little neck of the woods as far as police and fire goes they have not made the switch yet, so we can always hope for the best it stays like that for a little while longer, at least until the price of the new digital scanners come down just a little bit more.

      I hope everyone will bare with me as I slowly rebuild this part of the site up again. I realize there are other places to go find frequencies but I always wanted to do this for members of my amateur radio club and people in the surrounding communities so they did not have to do a bunch of google searches and waste time. I am going to try and make it a bit more current then what it was before, and I would appreciate anyone that has upto date information they would like to share with others on this subject to please contact me and supply me with the information so that I can get it posted up here. I will also do a little coverage on the new digital scanners as well, at least to show some picutres and things if nothing else. So hang in there guys, here we are starting all over again.

N8RGO Listening In